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E-Commerce Is The Wings That Let Your Business Soar

If you sell products and don’t have an online store or web shop, without doubt you’re missing out on sales. There’s numerous statistics we could throw at you, but the simple fact is that by selling online, you’re promoting your products to the global marketplace. Your marketing reaches people who are passionate about the exact products you make, have money in their (digital) pocket and are itching to buy products like yours. Luckily for you, the Nettl:commerce platform is an industry leading way to reach those customers and help your products fly off the shelf like never before.

Sell 24 Hours a Day

Needless to say, an online store isn’t restricted by opening hours because it’s always open. You can even sell products whilst you sleep, how amazing is that?

Control Your Pricing

The Nettl:commerce platform makes it easy to manage your pricing, whether you want to adjust the price of individual products or apply a site-wide discount.

Accept Credit Cards

An e-commerce store from Nettl Bridlington enables you to accept a wide range of payment types. From credit and debit cards to PayPal—give your customers the flexibility to pay using their preferred method.

Sales Reports

How’s business? With our sales reports you’ll be able to answer that question in a couple of clicks. Quickly identify your best (or worst) selling products and every other metric you need to make smarter business decisions.

Stock Control

Manage your stock levels efficiently using our e-commerce platform. Automatically adjusted after every sale, the Nettl:commerce system provides real-time stock control data and alerts you when you’re low on stock.

Excellent Point of Sale

How many times has somebody filled a cart then left your site before making the purchase? Our platform allows you to save their cart and even email them a reminder about the irresistible products they’re missing out on.

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